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This evolving album of songs is titled to reflect the journeys one takes throughout life.  From childhood to the life beyond, one sees things through a personal lens that reflects the joys, the challenges, and the hopes that make up the stories of our lives.  Through the magic of digitization the hope is to add more songs that reflect moments of life that shape generations.  


We Were Young

The song We Were Young reflects the "good ol' days growing up in small town Wisconsin in the 60s and 70s.  The music of the day, the calling of the water, and the adventures of a car full of teenagers reflects the simple, joyful times of childhood.   Produced by Stephen Helvig

That Love

In "adulthood," one often finds him/her/them self so busy in the day-to-day of life that those people who are most precious can be left to ask, "Do you still love me?"  That Love  illuminates that moment and answers the question.    Produced by Stephen Helvig

Wait for Me

Wait for Me is the 21st century version of a centuries old story. Inspired by the stories of her Polish immigrant grandparents and their families, Bonnie captures the story of both the struggles and hopes of those seeking the same dreams today.   Produced by Stephen Helvig


Drive tells the story of the heartbreak and  loss of leaving a love while also saying goodbye to the small town that has always been home.  Guitar- Dan Lawonn; Produced by Stephen Helvig


Blue depicts the excitement and vibrancy of a new love, and the pain one feels as it fades away.  Produced by Stephen Helvig

Christmas Time with You

This song celebrates the good fortune of sharing the Christmas holiday with the one you love the most.   Cello ~ Dan Lawonn; Produced by Stephen Helvig

Stay tuned...  More songs will be added as the recording schedule permits...  Thank you for listening.  

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